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Our aim is to find the best ways for people to save on medications they take. Many people have no or inadequate prescription drug plans and pay a lot for their medications. The PS card, saves up to 50% on your prescriptions. Call us at 469-296-8611 for personalized assistance.

GlobalCare Rx has some of the best prices for brand and generic medications online. With the 'buySafe' certification stamp, you can rest assured your purchased drugs are guaranteed, inspected and monitored. 

Costco Pharmacy online is another great source for purchasing medications and one need not have a Costco membership. Register online for free with a user ID and password, transfer your prescription(s) and Costco does the rest. They ship free to any address in the U.S. You can also walk into any Costco store's pharmacy (even without a membership card) to fill your prescription.

has great pricing. If it's on the list, you will pay $4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for 90 days.

Diabetics should use HealthWarehouse, one of the best places online for affordable diabetic supplies. Their prices are great!

If you want lab or blood work done, use MyMedLab and get between 50% - 80% off tests. Examples of popular tests include the A1c, Thyroid, and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP). Pay for your tests online, print the approved Digital Lab Order (DLO) and take to your nearest LabCorp or Quest to get it done. You can have the testing center send the test results straight to your doctor or keep the results for personal use.

Need an EpiPen? Use this link to download a $0 co-pay card.

Below are a few manufacturers' savings coupons for some popular but expensive prescriptions. Enjoy these savings and contact us for any and all insurance needs. If you take medications not listed below and need help to reduce your prescription costs, call us. We have access to many more savings cards; the list is extensive and all can't to be displayed here.

                                                           Crestor      Diovan      Vyvanse      Apidra      Novolog       


                                         Advair    Azor/Benicar/Tribenzor       Janumet       Atripla       Avonex


                                                Lantus       Nexium      Lipitor       Januvia       Kombiglyze XR