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Spirit Dental
A dental & optional vision insurance plan for you and your family. This insurance policy helps you cover the costs of dental care. Covered dental services include exams, bitewing x-rays, cleanings, fillings and extractions, as well as crowns, bridges and dentures, to name a few. Major services on some plans even include periodontics and orthodontics.

  • No Waiting Periods - no waiting for basic services like fillings or crowns, or even for major procedures like oral surgery, teeth extraction, periodontics or orthodontics
  • Choice of absolutely ANY Dentist
  • Two Exams Per Year covered at 100%
  • Three Cleanings Per Year covered at 100%
  • Dental Implant coverage
  • $1,200, $2,500 or $3,500 Annual Maximums
  • Optional Vision Coverage
  • Free Hearing Aid Benefit
  • Free Prescription Drug Card
  • Online enrollment
  • Available for ages 18 and older (up to age 100) plus their eligible dependents (spouse and unmarried children from birth to age 26). This is subject to individual state regulations.
  • No monthly association or billing fees
  • Affordable rates

For quotes, plan brochures and to apply, use our WEB LINK.

Humana Dental
With Humana, you have the freedom to choose from several stellar dental plans depending on your state of residence, each designed with the unique needs of our clients in mind. Call us if you need help with making an informed choice. For immediate access to plan brochures and an online application, do make use of our WEB LINK.

We have many more dental plans through other insurance carriers. Call 469-296-8611 or e-mail us if you have any questions or want more information.